9-1-1 Mapping and Addressing

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. Global Positioning System (GPS) is the use of navigational satellites to determine a precise location.

Chouteau County began their addressing journey in support of the Enhanced 9-1-1 System with the help of Mapping and Planning Specialists (MapS, Inc.) in 1998. The intent of the overall E-911 systems is so that a person dialing 9-1-1 within the County will be routed to the Chouteau County Sheriff’s Department where their name, address, phone number and map location will automatically display on screen to assist dispatchers facilitate emergency response.

The rural route and box style addresses in Chouteau County were replaced with a distance-based rural addressing system using 1000 address numbers per mile. The entire road network in the county was canvassed and each road measured with a Digital Measuring Instrument (DMI). Rural addresses were assigned based on the distance (measured via the DMI) from a road’s origin to the access points (e.g. driveways) of the rural structures. From each origin, the left side of the road was designated as “odd” and the right side as “even” and the address numbers assigned accordingly. The major highways within the county were established as baselines. All roads that diverged from these baselines were addressed from the baseline to their intersection with another distinctively named road or their dead end. As other roads branched off, the addressing started again from zero (0) and progressed accordingly. For roads that did not originate from the baselines, the west or south ends were designated as the origins. The mileage reference markers (MRMs) on the baseline highways were used as block ranges to assign addresses whenever possible. Each road was distinctively named, if possible, without duplication in other areas of the County. Private lanes were also established (two or more structures using a commonly shared access of substantial length).

The structures in each of the County’s communities were also mapped and their existing addressing systems reviewed. Fort Benton, Big Sandy, Carter, Geraldine, Highwood, Loma and Floweree were addressed using 100 numbers per block based on their street network.

Along with the new addressing system the County had MaPS, Inc. create an atlas specific to the county data. The atlases are updated and reprinted approximately every two years, the most recent being in 2017. It is available for purchase at the Chouteau County Courthouse. If you purchase an atlas please know that every effort has always been made to ensure the accuracy of the atlas data and its contents, mistakes and omissions may occur. Please feel free to contact MaPS, Inc. at 1-877-944-5464 (toll-free) if you find any errors.

Early 2018 Chouteau County released it’s first online public map.

Have you ever tried to use Google Maps or Apple Maps on your phone or online to find your address or someplace local? Sometimes those apps can’t find your address or can’t route you where you want to go within the County – at least not accurately?

To answer these questions and provide better government transparency, Chouteau County is pleased to announce the release of an online map for use by the general public. The digital map, powered by Environmental Systems Research Inc. (ESRI) software, uses data created during the implementation of the County’s E-911 System and now maintained by the County’s Disaster Emergency Services (DES) office with ongoing support from the County’s E-911 & GPS/GIS consultant, Mapping and Planning Specialists, Inc. (MaPS, Inc.). The digital map includes all of the County’s addressed structures, its road network and other related information.

The map can be accessed in a variety of formats:

  • •   Web Browser:

    Access the map using a web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome) by visiting Chouteau County Public Map
  • •   Explorer for ArcGIS App:

    Access the map using a mobile app on your phone or tablet (that you download through an app store). Android and iOS platforms are supported. Currently, the Android version has limited functionality compared to the iOS version; namely, iOS offers the ability to get driving directions while the Android version does not. The apps are constantly being updated by ESRI, so the Android version should eventually offer the same functionality as iOS.

Kellie Butler Ι Mapping Coordinator

Kellie joined Chouteau County in the spring of 2015 as the Mapping and Addressing Coordinator and a Deputy DES. She is a native of Chouteau County and takes personal pride and interests in keeping the GIS data current and correct. As the daughter of the pervious (and original) GIS mapping coordinator (who was also a former emergency dispatcher), Kellie grew up with Public Safety and through her mother, has a wealth of knowledge about the County and development of its map data. She is responsible for working with (on the phone and in person) County landowners and residents on the assignment and input of all new structure addresses, including road naming. Kellie maintains the current GIS, including the structure points/address database and the E-911 system (e.g. the Master Street Address Guide or MSAG, hosted by Intrado). Kellie reviews telephone service order activity reports received from the local telephone companies (e.g. service orders for adds, deletes and changes) and works with the County Clerk and Recorder and Department of Revenue to monitor grantor/grantee changes. She also works with the local Post Office's to help maintain their database with valid 9-1-1 addresses. In May of 2016, Kellie also graduated from the College of Great Falls - MSU with Associates Degrees in Graphic and Web Design. She rounded out her Associates Degrees finishing with a Bachelors Degree from MSU - Billings in Organizational Communication, graduating May of 2017.

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